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Japanese Bonds & Equities

This homepage informs about Japanese bonds in order to share my knowledge of the Japanese bond & equity market. Information is given without commercial interest. In keeping this updated I force myself to be up to date on this subject. Perhaps the information give the reader also more insight into Japanese companies and the bond market itself. Any feedback is welcomed!

There were some request from private investors how to buy Japanese government bonds. Pls send me an email in case you want to know more details. I will try to extend and find out more on this topic.

I have added one page where most recent data for YEN and EUR interest rates (swap curves) can be downloaded and added some graphs. I will try to keep this updated once a week. In case there is a special interst for other curves - like different ratings pls let me know.

Main focus of the analysis are investment grade Japanese corporate bonds besides some inside information on the government and municipalities bonds. Using a 'green', 'yellow' and 'red' flagging system it is tried to show bonds/companies which could face some structural problems or more positive companies which are financially sound. Focus of observation will be in the beginning of seen as 'green' flagged companies. Reference point is the official rating of the company.

Equity information is also covered on this webpage.Therefore there will be some comments on this as well. Companies in Japan use equity and bonds of source of funding also from befriended banks.  Anyway statements regarding bonds can be also a relevant source to judge equities from a longer term perspective.

In order to help the reader with further literature a link index with books or articles was added. In case you have some good recommendation for books or literature pls let me know.

On the different pages there can be also found some links to relevant and informative pages. Also for private investors who are interest in JGB investments pls have a look at the following link (available are 5-year fixed and 10-year floating rates):


There are no copyrights on this side. Therefore please feel free to refer by link to this webpage.


Tokyo, September 2009